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Digital Skills Capstone Project - In the shoes of a trainer


About This Course

In the shoes of a digital transformation trainer!

Digital technology is affecting almost every aspect of our lives. In this context, the future of modern society depends on people capable of leading business transformation and innovation in a digitally-enabled economy. However, this requires a new and rare combination of business, technology and strategic skills and knowledge — the so-called e-skills or digital skills.

While practicing e-skill for individual development is crucial for improving one’s own skills, the same applies to the trainer’s perspective. To gain some first experiences in how to train others, participants will get a rich case in which their analytical thinking and empathy is needed to identify the key challenges of the situation and develop a training plan for the team. To provide a hands-on, practical context, the participants will be introduced to an entrepreneurial case study to go through in a team. As part of this case, the participants are asked to develop a training plan for themselves and their team.


This course is the Capstone Project of the specialization "Boost your digital skills". Thus, it follows on four courses in this specialization - Introduction to Digital Skills, Skill Training 1, Skill Training 2, and Lifelong Digital Skill Development. We recommend you to complete these courses first, before going into the Capstone Project.

Course Staff

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Judith Helmer

Judith Helmer is a researcher and lecturer at the Münster School of Business of the FH Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Her research focusses on digital transformation and related market changes and innovation which she explores as part of her PhD studies. In addition, she is actively involved as researcher in Europe-wide research projects to study and develop new course concepts incorporating innovative teaching methods. Moreover, Judith Helmer is a lecturer for courses like "Creativity and Innovation", "Digital Innovation", and entrepreneurship-related courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Open edX platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

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For whom is this course?

This course is relevant for beginners as well as people more advanced in digital skills. Whether you are already working in a digital environment or are studying in a master's programme to become a future responsible digital change agent, this course will enable you to better picture the context of digital skills, assess your skill level, and set the basis for your personalised digital skill development journey.