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Introduction to Digital Skills


About This Course

Explore your digital skills and choose your learning path!

Digital technology is affecting almost every aspect of our lives. In this context, the future of modern society depends on people capable of leading business transformation and innovation in a digitally-enabled economy. However, this requires a new and rare combination of business, technology and strategic skills and knowledge — the so-called e-skills or digital skills.

When talking about digital skills or e-skills, several definitions, concepts, and assessment methods can be found. While no common definition exists and this topic is still in a dynamic development, it is important to provide the general landscape, most-known concepts, and categorization of e-skills to make this complex topic understandable. In this context, our MDT skill framework will be introduced to map the frames of the further learning path. Furthermore, you will learn more about different assessment methods, such as gap analyses, to identify own skill gaps and will be introduced to the main principles of skill development methods. This course provides you with the basics to start the digital skills training in our second and third course of the specialization "Bood your digital skills".


This course is an introductory course into the specialization "Boost your digital skills". No prior courses, knowledge, or skills are needed to take this course.

Course Staff

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Judith Helmer

Judith Helmer is a researcher and lecturer at the Münster School of Business of the FH Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Her research focusses on digital transformation and related market changes and innovation which she explores as part of her PhD studies. In addition, she is actively involved as researcher in Europe-wide research projects to study and develop new course concepts incorporating innovative teaching methods. Moreover, Judith Helmer is a lecturer for courses like "Creativity and Innovation", "Digital Innovation", and entrepreneurship-related courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For whom is this course?

This course is relevant for beginners as well as people more advanced in digital skills. Whether you are already working in a digital environment or are studying in a master's programme to become a future responsible digital change agent, this course will enable you to better picture the context of digital skills, assess your skill level, and set the basis for your personalised digital skill development journey.