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IO6: Digital Transformation Challenges


About This Course

“Digital Transformation Challenges” is the global capstone project of Managing the Digital Transformation (MDT) course, with the aim to integrate all knowledge gained during the previous specializations of MDT (IO1 – 5), considering that the students do not need to be content experts on technical matters, but must have developed knowledge, insights and skills that help them to be the driver and manager of a successful digital transformation of the organization involved.

The Objective of this module is to make the learner apply all knowledge necessary to be a champion and manager of digital transformation projects, using a simulated/real case. The learner should demonstrate mastery in managing such a holistic project.


The learner should have gone through all other modules, or have already proficiency in all or some of them. Otherwise it is recommended to complete the one(s) with less/no proficiency.

Course Staff

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Jorge Carrola Rodrigues

Jorge Carrola Rodrigues is an invited assistant professor at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), holding a pH.D. in Information Management from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In NOVA IMS Jorge coordinates postgraduation courses and chairs in Digital Transformation. His research interests include the usage and value of information technologies and digital transformation impact. To date, he has published several articles in conferences and journals. Previously, till 2013, he had a professional career in management and marketing, and worked for more than twenty-five years in the information technologies, financial services, and consulting industries, in companies such as Microsoft, Philips, Unicre, and Olivetti Solutions.

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Tiago Oliveira

Tiago Oliveira is a Full Professor of Information Management and President of the Scientific Council of NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS). He is also co-coordinator of Digital Enterprise Management postgraduation, since 2016, the first course launched in Portugal to prepare digital transformation project managers. His research interests include technology adoption, the digital divide, and privacy. He has published papers in several academic journals and conferences, including Information and Management, Tourism Management, Decision Support Systems, Government Information Quarterly, Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of Business Research, Information Technology and People, Information Systems Frontiers, International Journal of Information Management, Journal of Global Information Management, Industrial Management and Data Systems, Computers in Industry, among others.

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